Wild Girl

VALENTINO Rockstud pumps: Wild Girl

Have you never got up in the morning ever, loaded to the point that you could split the world?

Well, today I’m really inspired by this mood! The outfit of today is difficult to imitate in the daily life, but I really like it for its uniqueness!
The animal print is the fantasy of this season and I wanted to offer a look completely based on this print: the shorts are my favorite item in this outfit because they have the particularity to be half animal and half blacks so as not to be vulgar, and given the high temperatures still does not seem yet time to put them back!, a white oversized jersey will fall softly on your forms and give you a break from all the accessories deliberately animal printed: the shoes with medium heel exude grit from every pore and butterfly glasses on the same fantasy will give something feline to your face, black and gold necklace, that echoes the colors of the printing of the shorts, in this case is not long, but tight around the neck, accompanied by bracelets of various sizes that remind me the colors of the savannah and a beautiful ring in the shape of a serpent crown this animal outfit perfectly. For the bag , a simple shoulder bag in shades of brown is ideal.
A strong make-up for a strong look: red lipstick on your lips, preferably opaque, a smokey on tones of gold and copper (ideal especially for girls with blue eyes) and then a mascara that lengthens your lashes and that let magnetize the attention of your interlocutor.
What else should I tell you? ROAR!



VALENTINO Rockstud pumps: Contrast
Opposites attract each other.

Yes, and for those who can dare, even in the fashion is the same thing! In fact, there are many stars that propose combinations of colors apparently wrong, putting together colors that have nothing to say to each other, but if you have a more careful eye, you will notice that many of these combinations are based on the theory of colors, that is to say they are combined on the base of complementary colors. In the outfit that I propose today there is a beautiful orange dress (ideal for an aperitif or very fashion evening) combined with the beautiful Valentino blue shoes and a clutch of the same shade. I just applied the theory of colors: orange is precisely the complement of blue. Obviously this is an outfit suitable for special occasions such as a pool party, the Fashion Week or an aperitif in some trendy spot where you want to be recognized as a VIP!
For accessories, a blue and white scarf  would put the contrast on the upper part of the outfit, while the jewelry should trigger the clothing,  and so space to a beautiful golden bracelet and ring, enhanced by brilliants that catch the light.

On the lips and eyes nude must act as a master: an already eye-catching clothing should not be accompanied by a load make-up, so better colors of the earth and and a nude lipstick. Unique excess: false eyelashes, long and black to draw attention to the eyes.

I hope you enjoyed! The next post!