Tips and tricks for healthy hair after the summertime


Let’s put the suitcase on the floor, open the window of the living room , let’s get a bit of air. Okay, now we can breathe better. Take the beauty , go to the bathroom , turn on the light , we look in the mirror and … what happened? ! ? We have a thorn bush instead of hair ?

I hope that, at your return from vacation, your reaction was not really that, but I am pretty sure that many of you have noticed that, after months of swimming in the sea , salty wind , maybe pool (i.e. , chlorine) and many, many brushing in order to fight this sultry weather, your hair are not as healthy as they were before, split ends abound, they are a little bit electric and maybe you lose a lot too excessive.

Perfect! Two of us.

Yes, girls , summer, and , above all, everything we do during the summer is not at all good for our hair and the only thing to do is to begin to remedy this. I illustrate briefly what I do (and I will do) to repair my hair.

First of all, a trip to the hairdresser to give a trim all the hair, thus removing the damaged part and unsightly , and perhaps to renew the cut or just to reconfirm, it would not be a bad idea. If hairdressers are not your best friends, what I recommend is to make you cut (perhaps by your mother or a friend) a bit of hair, so as to remove the part damaged by salt and sun.

Now we need to revive the hair left!

In this case I recommend a method that I used for the whole summer with obvious results. I state that I have a big hair and hence highly resistant, but despite this, every summer I watched:

  1. hair loss;
  2. fuzzy hair;
  3. hair were not bright.

In short, the final effect at my return from holiday was not at all nice .

This year I started my summer with the clear intention to avoid not irreparable damages, but visible, on my hair.  So, about twice a week and, specifically, in those days followed by a stop from the beach (eg., when I return on Thursday evening at home, I know that on Friday I will not go back to the beach, then I do the treatment), I proceed in the following way :

  • wash my hair as usual;
  • I apply the balm of all lengths , with special emphasis on the extremities, and also in the area of the hairline (not recommended in general because it makes the hair greasy and therefore easier to get dirty, but,  given the fact that during the summer hair get more dried, we can do that without problem) . Comb them in order to remove all tangles;
  • I collect hair using a pair of hat pins;
  • take the foil and wrap the whole head.

At this point you are probably wondering if you should put your head in the oven and bake it. Absolutely NO : foil serves to keep the heat, in this way your hair will absorb more about the product and the effect of the balm, i.e. make the hair more nourished and shiny, will be greater.

The foil should be kept as you can, so finish the shower, dress, do yourself a manicure and pedicure, in short, spend a bit of time (10-15 minutes are fine) and then come back with your head in the bathtub (or sink) and rinse the hair thoroughly.

By doing so, I found myself with soft and shiny hair this summer. No need to overdo it, so do this treatment every night and every wash, just once or twice a week would be fine.

Obviously, the best thing to do in the summer would be, after each drying , put oil on your hair so as to hydrate them further.

I do not tell you not to tie your hair during the summer because 1) it would be foolish as advice, it would mean that I am a sadist, and 2) I have long hair too and girls, how we can go around with those with this jungle on the back with 40 ° degrees? What I can tell you, though , is to avoid doing too tight ponytails and prefer braids that tend to less rip and less stress your hair.

Let me know if the foil has become your best friend!

Smack !