Hi, my dears!

Hi all my dear, lovely followers!!

This post is to advice you that from now on I am going to write all my posts in English!


Well, for many reasons. First of all because English is a passepartout and since some of my visitors are not Italian I find good and polite to write in English so that they would understand me!

Another reason is that I want to write in English because it is a way of improving it, so at the same time, I am opening my blog to a wide public and I am making better this fantastic language! Just a way of combining the useful with the pleasurable!

So, hope you will understand!!!

See you soon dears!


The Versatile Blogger Award


As a newcomer in the blogging word I was excited when the blog “Giorni di plastica” (http://giornidiplastica.wordpress.com) chose me for the “The Versatile Blogger Award” and I thank you warmly! 🙂

The rules for accepting this award are the following:

  • Publish the logo you see at the beginning of this post;
  • Thank you the blog that award you;
  • Publish the names of the other 15 blogs that you have to choose, and of course inform them via a comment
  • Write 7 things about you!

The 15 blogs that I have chosen are:

  1. http://giornidiplastica.wordpress.com
  2. http://thedailyfameita.wordpress.com
  3. http://fashionandnotonly.wordpress.com
  4. http://priscanails.wordpress.com
  5. http://questionedistileblog.wordpress.com
  6. http://bluzevloramucha.wordpress.com
  7. http://daisyfashion.net
  8. http://thefashionglitter.com
  9. http://koalita33.wordpress.com
  10. http://hazelallure.wordpress.com
  11. http://cityinsauce.wordpress.com
  12. http://lowcost2coast.wordpress.com
  13. http://summertimetogether.wordpress.com
  14. http://setyourbeautyfree.wordpress.com
  15. http://beautifullikearainbow.wordpress.com

The seven things you do not know me are:

  • I’m half Italian and half Austrian.
  • I speak Chinese.
  • I have no pets, although I would like a dog.
  • I am myopic as a mole.
  • I love the cold even though my greatest love is the sea.
  • My favorite subject at school was math.
  • Me and makeup were not always friend.

This is it!

☆ For an English version of my articles, check after the Italian part ☆

Quando ero bambina amavo guardare le ragazze più grandi, e sapete perché? Be’, avevano magnifici vestiti, si truccavano (anche se non ne comprendevo il fine), i loro capelli erano sempre ben acconciati e brillanti, mentre alle loro mani e alle loro braccia brillavano anelli e collane di ogni forma e colore.

Era ufficiale: mi ero innamorata del mondo della moda.

Da quel giorno, in cuor mio, ho sempre coltivato un interesse per questo settore e oggi, ormai ventitreenne e quindi parte di quella schiera di ragazze “grandi” che da piccola ammiravo, mi sono finalmente decisa ad aprire il mio primo, primissimo blog! Condividerò qua, con chi di voi sceglierà di seguirmi, tutto su quello che mi appassiona! Quindi, principalmente moda: accessori, borse, scarpe, vestiti, jeans, camicie e via dicendo; ma non aprirò a tutti voi solo il mio armadio, anche il make-up (quindi via con i pennelli e con le review) e l’hairstyle (piccoli consigli per migliorare i vostri capelli) ci faranno compagnia. E poi, chissà che altro ci aspetta dietro l’angolo! 🙂

Bene ragazze (e ragazzi), stay tuned per il prossimo post!



When I was a child I loved watching older girls, and you know why? Well, they had beautiful clothes, wore make-up (even if it did not really understand the end), their hair was always well-coiffed and shiny, while at their hands and their arms were shining rings and necklaces of every shape and color.

It was official: I was in love with the world of fashion.

Since that day, in my heart, I have always cultivated an interest in this area and today, now twenty-three and then part of that group of “older” girls as a child I admired, I finally decided to open my first, very first blog! I will share here, with those of you who choose to follow me, all about what I am passionate about! So, mainly fashion accessories, handbags, shoes, clothes, jeans, shirts and so on, but I will not open you all just my closet, even the make-up (hence forth with brushes and with the reviews) and hairstyle (little tips to improve your hair) will accompany us. And then, who knows what else awaits us just around the corner! 🙂

Well girls (and boys), stay tuned for the next post!