Wild Girl

VALENTINO Rockstud pumps: Wild Girl

Have you never got up in the morning ever, loaded to the point that you could split the world?

Well, today I’m really inspired by this mood! The outfit of today is difficult to imitate in the daily life, but I really like it for its uniqueness!
The animal print is the fantasy of this season and I wanted to offer a look completely based on this print: the shorts are my favorite item in this outfit because they have the particularity to be half animal and half blacks so as not to be vulgar, and given the high temperatures still does not seem yet time to put them back!, a white oversized jersey will fall softly on your forms and give you a break from all the accessories deliberately animal printed: the shoes with medium heel exude grit from every pore and butterfly glasses on the same fantasy will give something feline to your face, black and gold necklace, that echoes the colors of the printing of the shorts, in this case is not long, but tight around the neck, accompanied by bracelets of various sizes that remind me the colors of the savannah and a beautiful ring in the shape of a serpent crown this animal outfit perfectly. For the bag , a simple shoulder bag in shades of brown is ideal.
A strong make-up for a strong look: red lipstick on your lips, preferably opaque, a smokey on tones of gold and copper (ideal especially for girls with blue eyes) and then a mascara that lengthens your lashes and that let magnetize the attention of your interlocutor.
What else should I tell you? ROAR!



VALENTINO Rockstud pumps: Contrast
Opposites attract each other.

Yes, and for those who can dare, even in the fashion is the same thing! In fact, there are many stars that propose combinations of colors apparently wrong, putting together colors that have nothing to say to each other, but if you have a more careful eye, you will notice that many of these combinations are based on the theory of colors, that is to say they are combined on the base of complementary colors. In the outfit that I propose today there is a beautiful orange dress (ideal for an aperitif or very fashion evening) combined with the beautiful Valentino blue shoes and a clutch of the same shade. I just applied the theory of colors: orange is precisely the complement of blue. Obviously this is an outfit suitable for special occasions such as a pool party, the Fashion Week or an aperitif in some trendy spot where you want to be recognized as a VIP!
For accessories, a blue and white scarf  would put the contrast on the upper part of the outfit, while the jewelry should trigger the clothing,  and so space to a beautiful golden bracelet and ring, enhanced by brilliants that catch the light.

On the lips and eyes nude must act as a master: an already eye-catching clothing should not be accompanied by a load make-up, so better colors of the earth and and a nude lipstick. Unique excess: false eyelashes, long and black to draw attention to the eyes.

I hope you enjoyed! The next post!

A Day in Paris

A Day in Paris

Hello beauties!

The outfit that I propose today is quite sophisticated, very French! Paris is the fashion capital as Milan and there is nothing better than a walk on the Champs-Élysées to admire fantastic shops where every girl dreams to enter and exits charged of purchases.

On this special occasion would bet on a monochrome mini-dress on violet, a very autumnal color, accompanied by black accessories: black painted toe shoes, a Chanel  style handbag, leather short gloves in pure Forties style  and a fine hat with a wide brim that reveal the face. Not wanting to put too much black, I would recommend sunglasses as the same color of the dress.

The jewelry must be on silver and since this is a delicate outfit, pearls will become your best friends: then, on with clip-on earrings with pearls, pearl bracelets (minimum of three for a  classy trio), while for the necklace, a good idea is a simple chain with a pendant (maybe something that recalls Paris as the Eiffel Tower).

The make-up should be simple: bronze and gold for the eyes, enhanced by a line of eyeliner and mascara that lengthens lashes, and to give a finishing touch to an interesting look, a nice purple lipstick that recalls the color of the dress.

Good walk in Paris!

Lost in Summertime

Lost in Summertime
The summer is over,  swimsuits were stored, shorts and mini-dresses are in the closets, the leaves turn yellow, the air is crispy.

Yet the desire to go to the beach do not leave me. How about a nice walk along the promenade or on the shore, with the wind that ruffles the hair? It is the best idea that there is because the sea in autumn is the best, with its calm, its colors.

For such an occasion would be good to wear the colors of autumn: brown hot pants (a color that reminds us and draws the color of sand), gold accessories that light up the look and a soft brown bag and, always remaining on brown , a nude look for the eyes made ​​of brown and gold, all accompanied by a nude lipstick for the lips. This delicate look must not fall in the obvious: a turquoise shirt will match perfectly with the soft colors of the rest of the outfit and shoes of the same color and with gold details complete this look that is halfway between summer and autumn.

Hope you like it, a big kiss!

Trends A/I 2013/2014 #2

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Eccoci ad indagare il secondo grande argomento riguardante la moda di questa stagione: le fantasie di tendenza!

# 1: Tartan

Amanti o non amanti di questa fantasia che siate, il tartan torna a farsi sentire! Le passerelle ce lo propongono nella sua più classica declinazione, ovvero il rossoverdeblu, ma non mancano di ribadire il fatto che quest’anno potrete osare con una camicia grigia a fantasia tartan, oppure un vestitino tartan blu senza apparire nostalgiche amanti degli anni Novanta! Potrete optare per un look aggressivo e molto appariscente in ‘total tartan’ oppure preferire una semplice camicia tartan da abbinare sopra una t-shirt e un jeans.

Tartan Style

# 2: Camouflage

Il military style è uno stile molto adatto alle ragazze ‘toste’, molto sicure di sé e che dalla vita sanno quello che vogliono. Quest’anno lo stile camouflage non sarà portabile solo nel suo colore usuale, ma sarà possibile indossarlo in varianti insolite e chic  come un camouflage blu per un vestitino o grigio per un cappotto che saprà conquistare anche le più restie!!


# 3: Animalier

E’ la mia fantasia preferita di questa stagione: anche se, in genere, non sono una sua amante, l’animalier si è riconfermato come trend anche per questa stagione. Quindi, via a cappotti zebrati, abiti leopardati e magliette tigrate. Sicuramente è una fantasia che bene poche di noi si possono permettere in quanto guardandoci allo specchio con qualcosa di animalier difficilmente ci sentiremmo sicure di noi stesse e pronte ad uscire di casa con un motivo felino stampato sull’abito. Però, se siete ragazze grintose, e non necessariamente aggressive come questa fantasia suggerisce, lasciate che il “felino” che è in voi faccia il suo lavoro utilizzando questa fantasia in modo divertente e leggero!

Born to Be Wild
Perfetto! Ora avete tutto quello che vi serve per fare uno shopping in linea con la moda del momento!


Here we investigate the second major topic concerning trends for this season: fantasies!

# 1: Tartan

Lovers or not of this fantasy, the tartan is back! The catwalks propose it in its most classic declination, that is to say the red, green and blue one, but do not worry to dare with a gray shirt in tartan, or a tartan blue dress because you will not seem a nostalgic lover of Nineties! You can opt for an aggressive look and very showy in ‘total tartan’ or prefer a simple tartan shirt to match over a t-shirt and jeans.

# 2: Camouflage

The military style is a style well suited to the ‘determined’ girls, very self-confident and that know what they want from life. This year the camouflage style will not be portable only in its usual color, but you can wear it in chic and unusual variants as gray camouflage for a coat or blue for a dress that will conquer even the most reluctant of you!

# 3: Animal Print

It is my favorite fantasy for this season: although, in general, I am not one of its lovers, the animal print was re-elected as a trend for this A/W. So, it is the turn of zebra-striped coats, leopard dresses and tiger t-shirts. Surely, it is a  fantasy that few of us can dress because most of us will not feel easy with this fantasy on ourselves: we would not feel safe and ready to leave home with a feline motif printed on the dress. However, if you are scrappy girls, and not necessarily aggressive as this fantasy suggests, let the “cat” who is in you doing its job by using this fantasy in a funny way!

Perfect! Now you have everything you need to make shopping compatible the fashion of the moment!


Trends A/I 2013/2014 #1

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ImmagineChe colori andranno di moda questo autunno/inverno?

Anche se non siete delle fashion addicted, mi immagino che questa domanda ve la sarete sicuramente fatta. E la risposta è già stata data dalle passerelle e dagli stilisti di tutto il mondo.

#1: Blu elettrico

L’estate è agli sgoccioli: ultime ferie, ultimi bagni, ultimi raggi di sole prima di tornare alla grigia routine di sempre; ma stavolta ci porteremo qualcosa dell’estate con noi in quel grigiore autunnale che ci aspetta: il blu marino che ci ha accompagnato per tutta l’estate. Assieme al verde e all’arancio, questo è stato uno dei colori top della P/E 2013: per esempio, i tre smalti presentati da Chanel per la passata stagione ne comprendevano uno blu che ha fatto impazzire molte ragazze.

ImmagineQuindi, ragazze, non è assolutamente ora di riporre questo magnifico colore! Potete decidere di usare un bel vestitino per uscire la sera (magari abbinato con un coprispalle e scarpe nere), un giaccone blu oppure puntare direttamente sugli accessori, basta che questo colore sia presente in qualche vostro outfit!

Electric blue

#2: Bianco & Nero

Intramontabili, inossidabili, sempre alla moda. Ecco come descrivere questo abbinamento mai eccessivo, sempre chic e bon ton. Attenzione, però! Non stiamo parlando del classico abbinamento black&white perché quest’anno non sarete alla moda semplicemente abbinando questi due colori assieme scegliendo magari un cerchietto nero (o una borsa nera) per un total white look: l’abbinamento deve essere strettamente bianco su nero. Quindi, una camicia bianca su una jeans nero o su una gonna nera saranno perfetti, oppure un vestitino nero abbinato con una giacca bianca per una serata romantica: l’importante è che il bianco si trovi nella parte top del vostro outfit!

White on Black

#3: Grigio

Il grigio non è tra i colori più amati, ammettiamolo: ci ricorda la cenere, la polvere e le nubi cariche di pioggia. A molte di voi, però, ricorderà anche il titolo del famoso bestseller che lo scorso anno ha fatto compagnia a molte ragazze sotto l’ombrellone, cioè Cinquanta sfumature di grigio (Fifty shades of Grey); ebbene, amanti del ceruleo, questo è l’anno del grigio! Sì, le passerelle hanno dettato regola e il grigio dovrà diventare il vostro migliore amico. Come colore è facile da abbinare con qualsiasi altra gradazione (provate, per esempio, ad abbinare il rosa con il grigio!) e risulta molto elegante nei vestiti per le serate, mentre è facilmente gestibile nei look da tutti i giorni in quanto basterà aggiungere una bella borsa di un grigio chiaro per poter dare lustro al vostro semplice outfit da ufficio!

Oh my Grey!
Dopo avervi illustrato i principali trends in termini di colori per la prossima stagione, vi posso solo dire: che lo shopping abbia inizio! :)Ci vediamo con il prossimo post sulle fantasie più in voga per quest’autunno/inverno!
What  are the colors of this fall / winter?

Even if you are not a  fashion addicted, I guess this question will be definitely done. And the answer has already been given from the catwalks and stylists from all over the world.

# 1: Electric blue

The summer is winding down: last vacation, the last bathrooms, last rays of sun before returning to the gray routine ever, but this time we will take something with us from the summer in this gray autumn we expect: the blue that has accompanied throughout the summer. Along with the green and orange, this was one of the top colors of the S / S 2013: for example, the three nail polishes presented by Chanel for the past season included a blue that made many girls go crazy.

So, girls, it is absolutely time to put this magnificent color! You may decide to use a nice dress for a night out (perhaps combined with a shrug and black shoes), a blue jacket or point directly on accessories, just remember that this color must be present in some of your outfit!

# 2: Black & White

Timeless, stainless, always fashionable. This is how to describe this combination never excessive, and always chic. Be careful! We are not talking about the classic combination of black & white because this year will not be fashionable simply combining these two colors together, maybe choosing a black circle (or a black bag) for a total white look: the combination should be strictly white on black. So, a white shirt on a black jeans or a black skirt will be perfect, or a little black dress paired with a white jacket for a romantic evening: the important thing is that the white is at the top of your outfit!

# 3: Grey

The gray color is not among the most beloved, maybe because it reminds us ashes, dust and rain clouds. However, I am sure tht many of you reconnected this color to the title of a famous bestseller, that is to say Fifty Shades of Grey: well, lovers of cerulean, this is the “year of the gray”! Yes, the catwalks have dictated rule and the gray will become your best friend. As color, it is easy to match with any other shade (try, for example, to match the pink with the gray!) And it is very stylish in the clothes for evenings, while it is easily manageable in a every day look as just add a nice bag of a light gray to give shine to your simple office outfit!

After having outlined the main trends in terms of colors for the coming season, I can only say that shopping begin! 🙂 See you at the next post on the most popular fantasies for this fall / winter!

Cos’è la moda?/What’s fashion?

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Secondo te, cos’è la moda?

Bella domanda! La moda non può essere definita in modo univoco come “un trend del momento, specialmente per quanto riguarda i vestiti e gli accessori o il modo di comportarsi”, è molto di più.

Per prima cosa, la moda permette alle persone di esprimere il proprio io, la propria essenza nella maniera più pura e semplice che esista: indossare quel particolare colore perché ci sta bene o perché fa risaltare il colore dei nostri occhi; portare magliette tagliate in un modo particolare o con scritte sopra che lanciano un messaggio perché crediamo in particolari ideali. Quindi, la moda non è soltanto un trend, ma è anche, e soprattutto, espressione e comunicazione. Essendo espressione e comunicazione, non mi sento mai in dovere di giudicare il modo di vestirsi altrui: okay, posso criticare il fatto di aver abbinato il giallo con il blu, ma non posso farmi giudice del fatto che una ragazza ha deciso di mettere delle calze a rete sotto degli shorts oppure usare una gonna scozzese quando non va più di moda: loro si sentono così quel giorno, un po’ trash, un po’ nostalgiche e la moda ha dato loro il modo di esprimere questo tramite gli abiti.


La moda ci permette di distinguerci dagli altri: se non ci fosse la moda, con i suoi colori e i suo accessori, molto probabilmente vestiremmo tutti di grigio, tutti con un tailleur, senza bracciali, anelli e collane… insomma, un mondo grigio e spento! Invece, sedetevi su una panchina al parco e guardatevi attorno: cosa vedete? La signora vestita con colori vistosi, la ragazza dark con l’orecchino al naso, la madre in tuta bicolor, la bambina che sembra una principessa, la giovane donna in carriera con la borsa costosa al braccio. Questo è la moda: poter essere differenti, poter comprare il cardigan grigio nello stesso negozio dove altre centinaia di ragazze lo hanno acquistato, ma poter renderlo unico abbinandovi quella collana vintage sfavillante che avete comprato al mercatino dell’usato e che sapete essere un pezzo unico nel suo genere, con tutte quelle ammaccature e graffi.

Per me la moda è anche questo, non solo una passione da coltivare e amare.

E per voi?



In your opinion, what is fashion ?

Good question ! Fashion can not be unambiguously defined as “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior,” is much more.

First of all, fashion allows people to express one’s self , one’s essence in the most pure and simple way that there is : wear that particular color because we are beautiful with that color or because brings out the color of our eyes , wear T-shirts cut into a particular way or with written above that delivered a message because we believe in certain ideals. So , fashion is not just a trend, but it is also , and above all , expression and communication. Since fashion is expression and communication , I never feel compelled to judge other people’s way of dressing : okay , I can criticize the fact that you matched the yellow with blue, but I can not be the judge of the fact that a girl has decided to put fishnet stockings under shorts or use a tartan skirt when no longer in fashion: they feel in this way that day, a bit trash, a bit nostalgic and fashion has given them a way to express this through the clothes.

Fashion allows us to distinguish ourselves from others: if it was not fashion, with its colors and its accessories, most likely we would dress all grey, all with a suit, no bracelets, rings and necklaces … in short , a world grey and dull ! Instead , sit on a park bench and look around : what do you see ? The lady dressed in bright colors , the dark girl with the nose ring , the mother in bicolor overalls , the little girl that looks like a princess , the young career woman with the expensive bag in the arm. This is fashion: to be different, be able to buy the gray cardigan in the same store where hundreds of other girls bought it , but you will make it unique combining it with that vintage sparkling necklace you bought at the flea market and you know to be a unique piece of its kind, with all the dents and scratches.

For me, fashion is also this, not only a passion to grow and love.

And for you ?